New Directions English Call for Papers

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  1. Washback: Assessment for Learning
    This topic considers issues related to the positive and negative impact of assessment on teaching and learning and the implications of these on English language curricula and the learning process. The possible impacts of university entrance examination on the curriculum and creating consistency in the curriculum path between secondary and higher education will also be considered. 
  2. Validity and Validation: Quality and accuracy for fairness
    Validity is often defined as how well an assessment can be shown to accurately reflect a candidate’s true level of ability. Validation includes the techniques and processes test creators use to gather evidence to demonstrate this. Several modern approaches for test quality and accuracy will be discussed in this topic.     
  3. Localisation and Customisation: Adapting tests in the Japanese/local context
    General English proficiency tests developed for the global market have advantages but often do not meet the requirements of a specific test-taking group. The possible methods to adapt tests in local contexts will be considered in this topic.
  4. Assessing Four Skills : Assessment for specific purpose 
    The Japanese government has highlighted the development of four skills in English to promote Japan’s internationalisation. This topic considers how four skills tests would contribute to this internationalization. Comprehensive testing encourages broader and more generalizable teaching and learning of language skills, but it would be a huge challenge to the current system. This topic also makes an argument for testing all four language skills, as opposed to more selective assessment.

*It is expected that a selection of the papers presented at the symposium will be published in an edited collection. Further information will be available in due course.

Criteria for submission of abstracts

Prospective presenters should provide an abstract of their paper, according to the following criteria:

  1. The subject of the proposed paper should clearly reflect one of the topics of the conference. 
  2. The proposed paper should be relevant and of practical interest to the audience. 
  3. The proposed paper should be relevant to the Japanese or wider East Asia context. 
  4. Work presented should be original and make a significant contribution to the fields of language assessment, English education and/or Internationalization.
  5. The proposed paper should reflect high international standards in terms of language, presentation and general academic requirements. 

The focus and content of the final paper presented must closely reflect the abstract submitted and should also adhere to the five criteria above. 

Paper proposal submission guidelines

  • Prospective presenters should fill in a proposal form and return it to by 20th June 2014. 
  • To download the proposal form, please refer to "Downloads" below.
  • Notification of acceptance by 5th July 2014 (selected presenters are expected to submit full papers by 1st August 2014). 

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